Why Dealerdirect?


What is Dealerdirect?

Dealerdirect is an online purchase platform for motor vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, company cars and trucks. As a company you can buy these vehicles of individuals without the involvement of traders, simple and transparent, 24 hours a day. The detailed vehicle descriptions offer you the assurance that you buy vehicles at the right price.

How does Dealerdirect work?

Buying a vehicle through Dealerdirect is simple and fast. When you have signed in at Dealerdirect, you will receive login information. With your own unique login details, you can log into our online auction and see all the vehicles on offer. This without any obligations. Each vehicle has a detailed description and usually a few pictures so you can see the condition of the vehicle at a glance and make a suitable offer.

How can I place a bid?

To place a bid, you must log in with your unique login information received after notification of Dealerdirect. Once you are logged in, you will see a list of vehicles that are included in the auction. Dealerdirect offers you the possibility to locate specific vehicles that you want to bid on by setting your own search parameters. You can then simply place your bid. Bidding on vehicles is free.

What is the advantage of Dealerdirect?

Simply buy vehicles and then sell them quickly, that is what you want! Isn't it nice that you receive daily deals on hundreds of vehicles per email or you can see the actual offer at any time online? Buying vehicles through Dealerdirect offers your business the following benefits:

  • Buy without the need to go through a broker
    You buy the vehicle directly by the consumer     
  • A large and varied selection
    Every day there are about 2,000 vehicles in the auction     
  • Free bidding
    You can decide when submitting a bid

    How can I register with Dealerdirect?

    You are a professional car dealership and are looking for a reliable way to buy vehicles? You can register with Dealerdirect to benefit from our services. Click 'Register' and fill in your details. We will contact you as soon as possible.